Introduction to HTML5

My thoughts on the course

This course forms the first course of 5 courses which leads to a "specialization capstone Project" and is set at the early beginner level. I liked how one of the courses primary element was around accessibility and also the DOM Structure. here is a review i posted on the course i gave the course 4 stars.


I would have given this course 5 stars if not for the final exam, which is to look at a jpeg and then write code to make a web page look exactly like the jpeg. The issue is that there are many ways to get a page to look like the image and you will still fail the exam. The course creators have realized this and you now have supporting questions that you can pass the course on even if your page code is not validated as correct. In my opinion there are so many better ways this final exam could have been handled, for instance i would have like to have seen a few more questions in the exam, and once passed you could see a forum area open up for us all to paste our code in or link to a page where we could discuss with teachers and moderators etc. personally I believe that sort of approach would add more value.
The above being said the content of the course is excellent for beginners with an eye opening focus on accessibility and good content on the DOM structure. The course will provide you with a good set of tools to get a basic page up on the internet.

Exam Structure

The course requires you to complete a

Final Project

In the final project you are provided with a jpeg you are to code a web page to match the looks and spelling of the jpeg image exactly here is the image below. The parts in yellow can be changed to suit your personal preference.

Final Project image

And here is a Link to My Final Project submission if you are thinking or are currently taking this course then don't use my code my effort failed and i passed the course based on the 9 questions. The validation tool is Boolean a simple pass or fail and it needs to match the tutors exactly. Mine does not...

I passed this course on the 4th August 2016 with a mark of 86.5% here is a link to my certificate